Sunday 21 February 2016


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A Long Shot

The Dilemma - well, a pithy letter 

For those of us eager for social justice and an end to the appalling inequalities in society, the EU referendum poses a genuine dilemma. 

Were future UK governments to be by Corbyn or similar, we should surely leave the EU for we are then less likely to be so dominated by capitalist imperatives and undemocratic commissions. 

Were future UK governments to be by Cameron and his ilk, then surely we need to stay within the EU as at least it offers us some protection from the Tory obsession with privatisation and the dilution of social welfare and human rights. 

I suppose an optimist might argue that if the vote is to leave the EU, the Cameron government falls, the Tory party splits, and Corbyn comes to power – thus giving us what we want. True, that is a long shot. 

Letter in The Guardian, 2nd February 2016